Saint Wenceslas eremit houses

After the Thirty Years War, the Czech nobility took to the creation of artificial hermitages, summer houses, garden meditation, but also leisure and entertainment pavilions, which was built in Italy since the early 16th century. For the first Czech building of this type is considered Wallenstein Libosad Jicin.

Emausian Abbot Benedict Pennalosa contributed to the emergence of so-called. Mountain hermitage for example Bezděz and Sloup. Count Ferdinand Hroznata Kokořovec of Kokořov left in the rock castle chapel Sloupvytesat labyrinth with additional space and nurtured a group of hermits who were preparing for a public Mass and devotions, which then took himself aristocratic patron. The first hermit was on pole since 1690 brother Konstantin, his second brother Václav, in 1719 settled here Jakub Borovanský whose con-eremite was František Antonín Höltzl, a carpenter from Arnultovice – in his wooden house had separate rooms and entrances. In 1735, he settled on a pole hermit Samuel Görner, a manufacturer of optical lenses, eyeglasses and incendiary mirrors. 1827 Karel Kinský left the abandoned complex of wooden dummies placed Hermits.

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