Prince Ulrich meets eremites

Prince Ulrich meets with St. Procopius
1201 in the village Police built a shack Juřík hermit, a monk originally Rajhrad monastery. The second hermit in this place was Vitalis (Vitalis) of Břevnov monastery, who lived on wild fruits and became famous as a herbalist and physician. Along with other Benedictine monks then they built the chapel in half a century laid the foundation of the Broumov monastery.
In the 13th and 14th centuries were Eremitism form of punishment for secular persons for committing murder – an alternative to financial compensation or pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, basically expulsion from society. With this period is associated, for example, the formation of a hermitage near St. Iuliana near Horoměřice, where in the 13th century lived his life as a hermit Okořská Bishop Sukorady as penance for that at this point caught and killed his runaway daughter Juliana and her lover and abductor, the miller’s son Vnislav (legend is partly mixed with story nikomedijan saint of St. Juliana of the turn of the 3rd and 4th centuries).

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