Hermits in Bohemia

The hermit saint Ivan Ivanov on drawings in the spring in St. Jan pod Skalou
The first Czech hermit was, according to legend Saint Ivan, who had settled in the time of the Prince bowed down in the woods in place of today’s St. John under the rock, met with Borivoj I., residing at Tetin, and had a direct impact on the St. Ludmila. At the time of Cyril and Methodius were active in the area of today’s Czech lands more hermits who spread Christianity.
Holy Prokop, born probably in about the year 980 Chotouň, studied and became a priest, but after he left his wife and son Jimram his property and went like a hermit to the Sázava River. Later he gathered around him a group of like-minded people began to follow the Rule of Saint Benedict founded a monastery Sázavský.

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