Benefactor of Eremitism

The biggest benefactor Eremitism Count Frantisek Antonin Spork (1662-1738). Built a series of philosophical pavilions and hermitages and supported both science and art. For example, in the manor Malešov on the top left high in the years 1695-1697 to establish Belvedere Chapel. John the Baptist and a hermitage and established the foundation the three hermits, 1699 it has appointed easement Malšice estate. A series of hermitages founded near Lysa nad Labem. Summer houses Vol. Francis of Assisi, founded in 1701, was part of a grand complex in Kuks, deputatory first became a hermit here became a Christian Košner. Next summer houses Spork based on newly purchased domain New Forest near Kuks. At the same time, he processed in the same places hermit theme sculptor Matthias Bernard Braun.

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