The Eremit monks

also became especially among Benedictine, a Capuchin Franciscan tertiaries, but even the Augustinians and the Paulines who have the need to move away from the monastic community. Many hermits lived a virtuous life and just had problems with the church hierarchy and the people. 1732 pushed the Prague archbishop Ferdinand Count Khünburgsjednocení yet to ecclesiastical structure independent of hermits living in Bohemia in a single Brotherhood, which got under Rule statutes by Pope Benedict XIII. The resulting Brotherhood Ivanita cared about shrines and chapels, and its members have worked as vergers, bell ringers and gravediggers.  However, because the problems persisted and hermits could not even eradicate unorganized Eremitism, Maria Theresa banned the Brotherhood to accept new members in 1782 and Joseph II patent. Brotherhood abolished and banned solitary life.

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